mirror mount end of bar


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Once it took a hit the cheap plastic cracked and would not hold a position. Those mirrors only fold in if you loosen the nut and who wants to do that every time you want to fold it.


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I had a mirrcycle on my C380 from a previous e-bike and was constantly having to re-adjust it. Being plastic it took a knock on the side of my shop when parking my bike and was never the same. I bought a Bush & Muller Cycle Star mirror that is similar to the mirrcycle but it is all metal construction and it folds away like a car mirror and will return to the exact spot you had it set. It's field of view is superior to the mirrcycle as it has a very slight convex shape. It is rock solid when riding and if you do have a fall or knock it will fold away.
this was my complaint about them Had to hit them with locktite but the new one I bought it all stays tight so they finally fixed it.