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The winter is back in Poland. And think I've just swapped the tyres for the summer ones on my everyday e-bike... :(
Looking for battery Surface "Boar E350-SM -- Li-ion 36V 13Ah/468Wh -- Have pictures and measurements. Can you get for me? m
Hello, sorry for late reply! I see your message late. Your original battery is 36V 13AH? Let me see what is the max you can get from us. But pls check your bike frame. Do you have email address? I'll send you email, my email is susie@aijiupower.com
Thanks! Susie
Hello Frank, I live near Spokane and have two bikes. One of the members posted pictures of them as I would have trouble doing that.Just got them and still trying to learn about all the things they can do. Didnt get clear instructions with them. The weather is cold here so riding in between snow storms.
Hello, I have been looking for an LCD display panel for my BH 2018 Evo Easy Motion bicycle and have not been having any luck. Any suggestions or information you could share where I may be able to find one?